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Resistance and loathing after the Soma Massacre

somaprotest1It is now been four days after the Soma disaster, as the number of dead has rose to 292 (1). Turkey, yet again, has become the site of riots and demonstrations. While the unions made calls for a strike, coal workers all around the country were marching the streets, and thousands of people have again taken the streets in Istanbul, Tarsus, Izmir, Adana, Samsun and some districts of Istanbul where riots still continue such as Kadikoy, Taksim, Gazi Mahallesi.

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Hello Daddy? Is this the end, daddy?

After a series of voice recording leaks of Tayyip Erdogan, which included the prime minister giving orders to a news director (alo faith) to remove some news that are not to his taste and briefing him on what to write, and another recording in which his son Bilal Erdogan is making fantastic deals with some businessman involving gigantic amounts of money, today a new one (1) is released by Cemaat brothers where a father and a son (surprise! Bilal and Tayyip Erdogan!) is discussing on the über protected phone line about where to hide the money that they siphoned off from the people which they are not even able to quantify but rather talk about in ‘volumes’ , ‘’This is taking too much space, daddy. Where should I hide them, daddy? Ohh too much, how will I transfer it, daddy??’’).

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Free Joel!

Swedish Anti Fascist in custody after nazi attack against a peaceful demonstration

15th December 2013. A local network, Linje 17 (named after the subway line where the network was created), is demonstrating in the suburb Kärrtorp in southern Stockholm, Sweden. Young and old, parents with strollers, simply anti-racists of different origins – in total of a few hundred. The reason for the demonstration is that the Nazi organisation SMR (Swedish resistance movement) has become more active in the area and has been spreading their hate propaganda around schools and other places.

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