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The divided republic

QDcVs8wA sense of disquiet has taken hold in Istanbul over recent days. The sky is overcast, lightning flashes and thunder roars as people seek shelter in the shops and passageways of the metropolis. A storm is brewing.

I have now been here for almost exactly a week. Istanbul, with its 14 million inhabitants, is Turkey’s nucleus and showpiece: the centre for culture, commerce, media and finance. The city pulsates, polarises and fascinates. It was, of course, an easy decision for me to spend two months here, getting an authentic glimpse of Turkey, its inhabitants, its culture and especially its politics.   The divided republic weiterlesen

The three letters raising hope are not „USA“ but „YPG“

A contribution to the debate on the shipment of arms to Iraq.

ypgsingalThese days that everybody is talking about it from Spiegel to CDU, the majority of the german left realizes: Oops, in Syria and Iraq, there are Kurds. And, oops again, there are islamistic militias. So far, solidarity with Kurds and support for Kurdistan used to be the issue of only a few hundred people in the whole country, who have been considered at least „weird“ for their field of activism by most and were told again and again and again by an oh-so-correct-emancipatory vanguard they were supporting nothing but „nationalist“ reactionaries – a.k.a. PKK. But now, under the impression of massmedia coverage, also those start an interest in the topic, who keep jumping from one ideological projection screen to the next.   The three letters raising hope are not „USA“ but „YPG“ weiterlesen

„Now we are visible“

About torture and opression, resistance and the affects of Gezi. Interview to the LGBT-struggle in Turkey.
yildizWe have met with Yildiz Tar, journalist, author of the book „comrade I am a faggot“ and since eight years part of the struggle of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement. Also it* is a  editor of the magazine and website of KAOS GL (a anarchist oriented LGBT rights organization founded in 1994). It is part of Lamdaistanbul (a socialist oriented LGBT rights organization founded in 1993 when the governor of Istanbul forbid Christopher street day).  

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[News from the Fringe I] When will the Irish workers unite and resist?

Workers sit-in to demand unpaid wages from closed business. Owner allowed to simply walk away.

ParisBakery_draftv2On Tuesday, 20th May, the staff of the “Paris Bakery” in Dublin showed up for work as usual, only to find themselves locked out of their workplace and owed at least 3 months in wages. So the workers got angry, got organised, got into the premises and started a sit-in. [News from the Fringe I] When will the Irish workers unite and resist? weiterlesen

[Istanbul Diaries IX] Attack on a Youth Federation

Erdogan flexs his muscles and hundreds of cops attack left-wing districts.


„After the antiterrorist squad broke through the roof and the window, they started firing pepper-balls and gas grenades, then stormed the house and destroyed everything in their path. They burned our laptops, vandalized our rooms and they even broke our pet bird’s neck. Afterwards they took us to the police station and continued hitting and abusing us,“ Mustafa*, one of the youths from the left-wing Alevi district of Okmeydani, Istanbul, tells me. [Istanbul Diaries IX] Attack on a Youth Federation weiterlesen

“Fate” or Murder?

somatitelHundreds of workers died due to a technical fault in a coal-mine in Turkey. The left-wing movement is calling it a “massacre”

Soma, a little town in western Turkey, has a population of about 10, 000 and a coal mine. The latter is operated by Soma Holding, whose CEO Alp Gürkan is close to the governing AKP. The group recently implemented ongoing cost-saving measures, and praised itself for massively reducing the price of coal. A safety-check demanded by the CHP opposition was denied a few weeks ago by Erdogans‘ AKP, and so the inevitable happened: after a “technical fault”, the death toll is currently 298 workers, but the number keeps rising and more than 100 workers are still missing. Numbered among the dead is a 15-year old boy who was working in the mine. “Fate” or Murder? weiterlesen

Hounds against Antifascists

For the Austrian Police the bludgeoning of antifascist IMG_20140517_152952895_HDRdemonstrations has become to some kind of quarterly routine. After using truncheons and pepper gas against the protests around this years “Akademikerball” in the end of January, last Saturday was the second time this year that the cops attacked an antifascist demonstration with completely disproportionate means.

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[Istanbul Diaries VII] Turkish police and the freedom of press

IMG_6360We were not the only journalists, being in Istanbul around the first of May. Some friends of us from Frankfurt have also been there to shoot a video-documentary. This again, was not liked to much by Erdogans bloodhounds, and so they became the target of the civilian police. We are documenting the memory protocol of our comrades.

The first of May started for us early at 26th of April 2014. After the Geziprotests we traveled again to Istanbul to shoot a documentary about the influence which the Geziprotests had on the Turkish society. As a part of this, we have made some appointments for interviews with different people. Be it IHD (human rights association), CHD(lawyers), unions (DISK and KESK), journalists, parties like BDP, HDP, CHP, TGB- and of course also the revolutionary groups.

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