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[Kurdistan Diaries V] “We want peace. But we will not surrender.”

Freedom in the Mountains: Visiting the PKK in the Qandil Region

Over the past few months, Turkish media has reported repeatedly that hundreds of fighters have been killed during bombardments in the Qandil mountains, the stronghold of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK. The Qandil region straddles the borders between Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. We cannot deny feeling uneasy, as the driver of our vehicle navigates the tight switchbacks on the way to the guerrilla.
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“Unfortunately the punk manifesto was written without my consent”

John Lydon about the benefit of getting older, the public burning of sex pistols memorabilia, and the whole politics.

Happy Birthday, Punk. In 2016, you turn 40 years old – if you count starting with the first performance of the Sex Pistols in 1976. Needless to say that there were lots of influences from American bands like MC5, The Stooges and Velvet Underground in the late 60s or the Ramones in the mid-1970s before them.

But as a public phenomenon, which went from an underground into the mass media and at least to a big heterogeneous movement, the emergence of the Sex Pistols was ground zero for punk. This was in 1976. Exactly 40 years ago, their singer, Mr. Johnny Rotten, who’s know more known under his real name, is still very active with his other band, post-punkers Public Image Ltd (short: PiL), which he reformed in 2009. And he has still a lot of self-confidence.

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From the Warzone of North Kurdistan

At the beginning of 2015, tensions between the ruling AKP and the pro-kurdish, leftist HDP were rising, President Erdoğan had terminated the peace process and declared that there is no more “Kurdish question”. After AKPs massive loss of votes and HDPs rapid rise in the June 7 elections, the AKP chose to opt for war and snap elections to regain power. Since the end of July 2015, the South East of Turkey (North Kurdistan) has yet again descended into an escalating war. What began as a targeted campaign of the armed forces against PKK camps in the Qandil mountains in Northern Iraq accompanied by limited clashes in mostly rural areas in summer, has turned into open urban warfare with forces of the police and by now also the military literally besieging cities and neighborhoods. In the months following the de facto annulment of the results of the June 7 elections, a manifold of Kurdish cities and neighborhoods had declared their autonomy meaning that they would begin to govern (and, eventually, defend) themselves since from their point of view the Turkish state was not respecting their call for more democracy. The escalation of the war has occurred particularly after the electoral triumph of the AKP on November 1. During this escalation, entire towns have been transformed into ruins while the humanitarian situation deteriorated rapidly at the same time. By now the situation is critical and ready to spiral out of control completely. From the Warzone of North Kurdistan weiterlesen

The Plankton Glows At Night

Lessons from the Beyond Europe camp in Chalkidiki, Greece

Political camps are great opportunities. They open a space for theoretical exchange and practical experiences. The form allows people to deeply discuss and understand what struggles others are involved in and what perspectives they share or don‘t. Furthermore it allows us to socialise and establish private and political relationships which outlast the camp itself. And that’s exactly what happened at the Beyond Europe camp in Chalkidiki, Greece, between the 18th and 25th of August 2015. The Plankton Glows At Night weiterlesen

Wie ich aufgehört habe mich über „catcalling“ zu ärgern…

…und gelernt habe Leute zu schlagen.

fotoDas „catcalling“-Video aus der letzten Woche ist viral gegangen und es finden sich bereits viele Diskussionen darüber im Internet. Es sieht so aus, dass einige beleidigt waren, als sie gelernt haben, dass das, was sie tun „Belästigung“ genannt wird.
Der Gedanke über „catcalling“ zu schreiben (ehrlich gesagt kannte ich den Begriff gar nicht, bevor ich das Video gesehen habe und finde auch den Namen selbst extrem nervig) kam mir, nachdem ich einem Typen in der U-Bahn Station eine reingehauen hab.
Ihr wisst schon (zumindest die Frauen unter euch werden es wohl nur zu gut kennen), es war das Übliche. Er hat mich angemacht, ich hab ihm den Mittelfinger gezeigt, dann schrie er mir „Fotze“ hinterher, als ich gerade weg ging. Dann bin ich auf ihn zu gerannt und hab vor den Augen diverser „Zuschauer“ angefangen ihn zu schlagen. Ich hatte niemanden um Hilfe gebeten.
Danach, als ob es eine Art Geheimabsprache unter den Männern nach dem Viral-Video gab, wurde ich häufiger gegrüßt und viele fragten mich die dämlichsten Fragen, um ins Gespräch zu kommen. Das machte mich rasend. Wie ich aufgehört habe mich über „catcalling“ zu ärgern… weiterlesen

How I stopped worrying about catcalling …

foto… and learned to punch people

The catcalling video from last week went viral, and you can already find too many discussions about it on the internet. Seems like some got offended to learn what they do is called “harassment”. But the idea of writing about the “catcalling” (to be honest, I only got to learn about this word through this viral video, even the name is utterly annoying) issue got to me after I punched this guy at the S-bahn station the other day. Well, you know (at least, I am sure women would know), the usual stuff, he cat called me, I gave him the middle finger, then he yelled at me “fotze” while walking away, and then I ran to him and started punching him, with bystanders around watching us, but I had not asked for any help anyways. How I stopped worrying about catcalling … weiterlesen

No Place to hide!

Antifascist Action in the rural areas of Greece

antifascist demonstration in greece
antifascist demonstration in greece

Greece still suffers from the economic crisis that started in 2008 and lead to the policy of various salary-cuts, massive privatization of public properties and a strong increase of deflation. Every third greek citizen is unemployed. After the long ranged salary-cuts, while prizes for everyday life-needs are still increasing, for a majority of people organizing a modest living avances to a serious problem. Simoultaneously a growing part of the population suffers from apathy – especially after the ineffectivness of the now illegal general strikes between 2008 and 2012. In this situation people tend to support parties new to the traditional party-System in Greece like the new social-democratic force SYRIZA, but also the neofascists of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).

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Race War in Europe

The international supporters of Ukrainian fascism: a tour through the Azov Battalion’s social network

"Schawrze Sonne" und "Wolfsangel" - Das Logo des "Azov"-Bataillons
„Schawrze Sonne“ und „Wolfsangel“ – Das Logo des „Azov“-Bataillons

Olga S., an Italian with Belorussian roots, is fighting for Europe. “Good-bye, enemies of Europe,” proclaims an image on her Facebook page, of a Spartan warrior brandishing both axe and sword. Next to this one, Olga has posted another image showing various people of color sitting on the subway; “Diversity = Genocide of Whites / Destroy Cultural Marxism,” reads the caption.

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[News from the Fringe III] Rebellious Scots to Crush

The elite British “No” campaigners as seen through the eyes of many Scottish people. Via

Scotland is on the brink of changing the world in small but fundamental way. By answering the question “Should Scotland be a independent nation?” with YES on Thursday, 18th September, they will pull the final rug out from under the chauvinistic British empire and put the last nail in the coffin on an age-old imperialist mindset. And England did not see it coming.

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